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Student violin reecital.
Student violin recital.
Student violin recital.

Each student at the Suzuki Academy of Strings receives 35 weeks of private lessons and bi- weekly group lesson instruction as a part of their music education.  

The Suzuki Method has proven to be  successful for private instruction, due to the unique educational model of the teacher, student, and parent working together as a cooperative team.  This  team approach helps the student  be successful in his/her musical and technical development.  

Group lessons help to further develop the student's musical skills to be a successful ensemble performer. The group lesson setting provides an opportunity to make music with together. Social skills are developed through interaction with students of various ages and backgrounds, sharpening problem solving skills, and developing leadership skills in a supportive, respectful, and caring educational environment. In addition to the study of Suzuki repertoire, students at the Suzuki Academy of Strings study other musical genres including Celtic, fiddle, gypsy, and even improvisation.

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